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Riffstation's Settings Explained

The settings menu is located below the tools section of the sidebar (you will need to scroll down to reveal all of the settings options) which can be opened by clicking on the tools/settings icon at the bottom right of the page. (Click here if you need help locating the tools/settings icon)


Display Chord Fingering

Selecting this option will display chord fingerings in the chord diagrams. 

Left-Handed Mode

Selecting this option will display left handed versions all the chord diagrams.

Display sharps or flats

Riffstation does not automatically detect the song key. With this setting you can choose whether you would like the song chords to be displayed in sharps or flats. Riffstation automatically defaults to flats.

Color Scheme

Customize Riffstation to your liking by choosing between four color schemes.

Auto Skip Intro

Selecting this option will automatically skip any non-musical segments detected at the start of songs.

Chord Carousel

If you only need the chord strip to play along and would rather see the music video than the chord carousel, deselecting this option will hide the chord carousel.

Video Brightness

Selecting 'video brightness' will remove the alpha layer over the video. This option is best used in conjunction with deselecting the 'chord carousel'.

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