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What's Fender Connect?

We are excited to announce that Riffstation has joined forces with Fender, creator of the Stratocaster and one of the world’s leading musical instrument manufacturers!

Fender Connect is your account for all Fender web sites and mobile apps, including Riffstation. To access Riffstation and its features, you will first need to create a free Fender Connect account.

If you already have an old Riffstation account you will need to create your new Fender Connect account. Your songbook will be transferred over to your new account automatically. To create a Fender Connect account, simply choose 'Sign Up Now' from the Riffstation app's home screen.

If you initially signed up to Riffstation via social media, you will have been asked to provide an email address. You must use that email address when signing up to Fender Connect for your songbook to carry over.

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