Understanding the Playback Controls (Riffstation-desktop)

The playback controls are similar to those seen on most music players. Riffstation’s controls from left to right are: Loop, Rewind, Play, Forward & Stop. The 'loop' button is either on or off. If 'looping' is on, your selection will be looped when you hit 'play'. If 'looping' is off, playback is normal. The 'play' button toggles between 'play' and 'pause'.

You can set the playback start location by clicking once on the large waveform. This will position the cursor. Then hit the 'play' button to start playback. During playback you can double click anywhere on the waveform and the cursor will be repositioned to that position.

Pause and stop behave differently from each other. Clicking on 'pause' will pause the cursor on the spot. Clicking 'stop' will return the playhead to the position playback originally started from. If you click 'stop' twice, the play cursor will return to the beginning of the song.

Both the ‘spacebar’ and the ‘enter’ key on your keyboard can be used to begin playback. Once the audio is playing though, ‘spacebar’ and ‘enter’ behave differently from each other. ‘Spacebar’ returns the playhead to its original starting point whilst ‘enter’ simply pauses the playhead on the spot. You can change this default behaviour in the Options menu. Options > Set Default Shortcuts

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