How do I use the Pitch Tool?

The pitch control allows you to transpose or change the key of the music you are listening to without affecting the tempo. The large pitch knob gives you free control over the pitch. However, if you would like to transpose to a different key, you can use the Semitone control which will precisely shift the pitch in semitone steps from –12 semitones to +12 semitones, a total range of 2 octaves.

In some cases, a song may have been recorded slightly off concert pitch. Normally you would have to retune your guitar to the song. With the Fine Tune tool, you can tune the song to your guitar! As with all controls, you can reset them by RIGHT clicking on the control. There is also a capo feature which allows you to transpose only the chord positions without transposing the audio - just like a capo. This can be found in the Chord Viewer tab.

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