Can I choose Default Folders to save to and open audio from?

It is possible to specify the behaviour and location of the files used in Riffstation. This is done by clicking on Options -> Default Folders in the menu bar.

Default File Open Behaviour
By default, Riffstation will open audio files from the folder where the audio file you last loaded into Riffstation was located. If you prefer Riffstation to always open the audio files from the same specific folder, like your Music folder for example, just click on ‘Always open selected folder’ to choose your desired folder location.

Riffstation Save Location
Riffstation saves session files and exported audio to a default location. If you prefer Riffstation to save your Riffstation files to a different location, just click on the button labelled as "..." and then choose your preferred folder.

Note: you can restore the default paths by clicking Restore Defaults.

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