How can I adjust the Speed/Tempo?

With the tempo tool, you can set the pace! The song tempo can be adjusted to anywhere between a 1/4 and 2x of the song's original speed. You can slow down difficult parts and raise the tempo as you develop your technique for example. The tempo tool displays the tempo of your tracks in BPM(Beats Per Minute) to make it easier for you to set the tempo to what works best for you. Riffstation calculates the song tempo automatically.

The tempo tool has a Mode Select feature containing 4 different modes, each using a different method to process the audio. You will find each useful in different scenarios depending on the music you are using. There is no right or wrong setting; use your own preference in deciding which sounds better. As a guide, the modes are described below.

Mode 1 – Default mode which is good for music with a strong beat
Mode 2 – This mode is suited to solo instrumental music
Mode 3 – This is a blend of mode 1 and 2
Mode 4 – This is mode 1 in mono in the case that stereo imaging is not important

Note that the Mode Select will also have an effect on the Pitch tool and Riff Builder


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