What are Session Files(.rs) and how do they work?

Riffstation has its own file formats which allow you to save your settings for each track you load into Riffstation without affecting the original music files. You can slow down a song, click ‘Save Session’ from the menu bar (File > Save Session) to save your settings, and load up the session the next time you use Riffstation by choosing ‘Load Session’ in the File menu. Opening the session file will retrieve the song along with all of your settings. (If you move the corresponding audio file after saving a session, Riffstation will ask you to relink it once you reload the session)

If you wish to save sessions whilst using CD tracks, you will first have to save the audio from the CD to your computer. You can do this by choosing ‘Save Audio’ in the File menu. You can then save sessions with the saved audio after loading it into Riffstation.


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