What are the Keyboard Shortcuts and how can I change them?

Riffstation uses a predefined set of Keyboard Shortcuts. The default shortcuts are as follows and can be changed by choosing Options -> Set Keyboard Shortcuts from the menu bar:
Exit: CTRL+Q (Mac:⌘+Q)
Fast Forward: RIGHT
Load Session: CTRL+L (Mac:⌘+L)
Metronome Volume Down: ‘
Metronome Volume Up: \
Open Audio File: CTRL+O (Mac:⌘+O)
Play/Pause: RETURN
Pitch Down (-1 Semitone): F7
Pitch Up (+1 Semitone): F8
Play From Selection Start: DOWN
Play/Return Playhead to Starting Position: SPACE
Rewind: LEFT
Save Audio: CTRL+A (Mac=⌘+A)
Save Session: CTRL+S (Mac:⌘+S)
Show Chord Viewer Tab: 3
Show Jam Master Tab: 1
Show Riff Builder Tab: 2
Tempo Down(-1 BPM): F5
Tempo Up(+1 BPM): F6
Toggle Isolate Tool: F3
Toggle Loop: L
Toggle Pitch Tool: F4
Toggle Scroll: S
Toggle Tempo Tool: F2
View Help: F1
Volume Down: [
Volume Up: ]
Zoom In: =
Zoom Out: -

If you prefer to use different keyboard shortcuts, you can set them as follows:

  1. Select the ‘action-shortcut’ pair that you would like to change.
  2. Enter the new keystroke.
  3. Press the Set button.

Note: you can restore the default shortcuts by clicking Restore Defaults.

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