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Why can’t I find a song even though I know it’s on youtube?

To avoid non-musical videos cluttering up the search results, we’ve made it so that only songs that have been categorized as ‘music’ on youtube are available to be searched in Riffstation. If there is a specific Youtube video you are searching for that is not showing up in the results, you can place the tag ‘YTID:’ in the search bar, followed by the video’s ‘Youtube ID’, to locate the video. (Make sure to leave a space between the ‘YTID:’ tag and the Youtube ID)

Let’s take a look at an example! The ‘Youtube ID’ is the collection of letters in the video URL after ‘v=’. (and before ‘&’ in some cases)
So, for this URL <> the ‘Youtube ID’ is ECvinPjmBVE.
To find the video in Riffstation, you would search for YTID: ECvinPjmBVE.

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