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Understanding the Transport Bar and Navigation

Playing videos in Riffstation is simple. Once a song is opened, playback begins automatically. During playback, the Play button will appear as a Pause button that can be used to pause the playback. Alternatively, you can just click on the video to pause and resume playback.


You can navigate through the song by using the Forwards (5) and Backwards (3) buttons on either side of the Play/Pause button (4). Alternatively, you can also skip through the song by clicking on the upcoming and recently passed chord diagrams in the chord carousel.

The best way to navigate through the song though is to use the embedded video's scrubber. The scrub bar runs the length of the video player just beneath the chord strip. You can navigate through the video by clicking on the scrubber and dragging it along the scrub bar to “scrub” forwards and backwards through the video.

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